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Fire Safety


In many estates the burden of managing fire safety is delegated to one individual as an additional role. This results in a considerable time and financial commitment to ensure this person has the necessary skills to undertake the role, maintenance of these skills and time to dedicate to managing fire safety across the company.

An increasing number of estates are turning to Heritage Fire and Safety to manage fire safety across the range of buildings and risks within the estate. This service releases the burden by providing an experienced, professional fire safety service whilst also releasing key members of staff to commit more time to their core role within the estate.

Whilst the package to be delivered to each estate would depend on a number of factors and would have to be discussed with you, the services could typically include:


  • Review the existing fire safety arrangements for the Estate

  • Undertake fire risk assessments at agreed properties within the Estate

  • Manage the Action Plan produced following the fire safety risk assessment and review of the fire safety risk assessment

  • Manage fire safety improvements identified through fire safety risk assessments

  • Develop, assist in the implementation of and monitor a fire safety policy for the Estate

  • Review the fire safety arrangements of any contractor/ service provider to ensure these satisfy legal requirements and are consistent with the fire safety arrangements for the Estate

  • Develop fire safety management plans for the Estate

  • Provide information and training to staff and arrange for fire drills to be completed

  • Develop arrangements for maintaining records of maintenance of fire safety provisions

  • Provide fire safety advice for new projects

  • Where necessary, represent the Estate at any meetings or discussions with the fire and rescue service to ensure legal compliance

  • Represent the Estate in discussions with suitably qualified contractors for the supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety provisions

  • Visit the Estate on a regular basis to discuss progress, audit the arrangements and address any specific fire safety concerns.

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