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Fire Safety


For those organisations that believe they have suitable arrangements in place, but would like confirmation, prior to any inspection by the Fire Authority, Heritage Fire and Safety can provide a ‘Fire Safety Audit’ service. This is designed to follow the same process as would be expected by a Fire Service Inspector, but without the threat of prosecution, or enforcement action being taken, with regard to areas of non-compliance.


When we carry out your fire safety audit, a consultant will visit to discuss your current policies, procedures and record keeping systems with regard to fire safety management. This will be followed by a sample inspection of the premises to look at the physical aspects relating to fire safety and a report will be then be forwarded detailing:

  • The current fire safety situation within the premises.

  • Legal requirements.

  • Identified deficiencies regarding management of fire safety.

  • Recommendations for achieving legal compliance.

  • Best practice advice regarding property and asset protection.

Our Company also has experience in providing organisational risk assessment and audit services, to larger businesses with a number of different premises. Working closely with you we can ensure that we meet your specific requirements with regard to administrative format, quantities, time frames, and quality assurance.

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