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Fire Risk


The fire risk assessment identifies all the fire risks and hazards within your business.

A fire risk assessment includes:

  • Identifying all possible fire hazards

  • Considering fire risks and reducing the fire hazards where possible

  • Assessing the means of escape to ensure all occupants can safely and quickly evacuate the premises

  • Assessing the need for fire safety provision, including fire detection and alarm systems, firefighting equipment, signage, emergency lighting, training and management systems.

Heritage Fire and Safety can provide a

full fire risk assessment for your business

in line with current Legislation.

Inadequate fire safety may result in a fire that may cause injury and loss of life. It is paramount that the Consultant giving you advice is competent. A competent person is defined as a person who “has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable them to properly assist in undertaking the preventative and protective measures”.


Heritage Fire and Safety assessors have extensive expertise and experience, combining their extensive fire safety experience within the fire and rescue service with their training and practical experience undertaking fire risk assessments to ensure clients receive appropriate fire safety advice.

Whether you are looking for a new fire risk assessment to be carried out or it’s time to review your current one, then give us a call today:
01224 874001

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