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Heritage Fire and Safety supports Architects, Designers, and Project Managers producing Fire Safety Strategies as part of the design process.

We help to deliver building projects, on time, on budget, and satisfying all necessary fire safety legislation – without the stress of aborted time and resources that can otherwise occur, or nasty surprises at a late stage in the approval process. 

Working with you, we provide:

Project Support – Our team of highly skilled and experienced fire safety practitioners not only know the various codes and standards, but know what lies behind them, and in some cases, contributed to the writing of them.

  • Expert guidance early on to ensure that there is a minimum of abortive work.

  • Value engineering advice to ensure that there is no unintentional overprovision. 

  • Design freedom by informed, expert interpretation of the standards and by applying fire engineering principles where appropriate. 

  • Fire safety management at an early stage. The requirements of Building Regulations can be expediently incorporated into a Fire Safety Strategy.

  • Liaison with the statutory authorities – undertaken by people who speak the same language and have a complete understanding of the legislation and operational issues that influence their opinions and decisions. 

  • Project cost savings that usually significantly exceed our fees in terms of time saved by the Project Team and the avoidance of unnecessary costs.

  • A wholly independent service – we have no vested interest in recommending any product or solution to a problem – so you know the advice you get is right for you.

  • Proactively liaising with the key team members at each stage of the project via emails, telephone calls, meetings, and Fire Strategy Reports relating to all fire safety matters including statutory compliance, value engineering, and insurer’s requirements.

  • At your Design Team Meetings, we will provide authoritative immediate advice on all fire safety matters, whenever possible.

  • Attend site meetings as the project develops to ensure that the fire systems and structural fire protection specified is correctly installed.

Usually, our Input into a Project will Involve:

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