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Many people assume that fire extinguishers will work when required, however unless they are properly maintained this may not be the case.


Heritage Fire and Safety supply and maintain all types of fire extinguishers. We carry out fixed price Fire Extinguisher Servicing on all types of fire extinguisher, fire blankets and hosereels. All servicing is completed in accordance with the requirements of British Standard 5306- Part 3. All our extinguisher technicians have passed the BAFE exam in the Theory and Practice of Servicing Portable Fire Extinguishers.

Basic Service of Portable Firefighting Equipment:

There is a requirement that all portable firefighting equipment be serviced by a competent person with the appropriate training, equipment and experience on an annual basis. All our Extinguisher maintenance and servicing work is carried out to BS5306 standards, and certification is provided by us for your records on completion.


Our fixed price servicing means you know the cost prior to the annual service. It should be noted that our costs include all labour and travel costs, along with all consumables used within the annual service, i.e. safety pins, anti-tamper seals, labels, o-rings, gauge tests and cleaning of all units. Our costs also include replacement items identified during the annual service, i.e. broken CO² discharge horn, damaged hose, missing or damaged signs, etc.


After servicing your fire extinguishers, we can schedule future maintenance visits, reducing your worry of when the next inspection is due. Our job is to keep you fire safe and legal so that you can get on with your job!


If you are unsure of your extinguishers service and maintenance history, or indeed if you are unsure if you have the correct type and volume of extinguishers for your premises, please get in touch.

Extended Service:

BS5306; Part 3 requires an extended service to be completed on fire extinguishers. This extended service includes a requirement for the extinguishers to be discharged and is normally required every five years (10 years in the case of CO² extinguishers). We find that it is often more cost-effective for our clients if we replace these units rather than refill.

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