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Fire Safety

Awareness Training.

Our Fire Safety Awareness Training course aims to give your staff a well-rounded awareness and understanding of the risks posed by fire, advice on hazard spotting and actions to prevent fires and an understanding of how to react to fire related incidents.


The course is aimed at all staff at all levels in the work place and, where possible, will give advice in direct relation to the delegates place of employment.

Course Outcome, Duration and Numbers

On successful completion of the fire safety awareness training course, delegates will receive a certificate of training.


With tailored adjustments to suit customer requirements, this course typically lasts around 1 Hour 30 Minutes


To ensure efficient training, we recommend no more than 12 delegates at a time attend the Fire Safety Awareness training courses. However, we are happy to run multiple courses for your company to ensure more staff can attend.


Course Content

The course covers a wide range of topics and looks to discuss various elements relating to fire, including:

  • Fire Safety Legislation and Regulations

  • Chemistry of Fire

  • Fire Risk Assessment Principles

  • Common Causes of Fire

  • Hazard Spotting / Hazard Reduction

  • Action in the event of Fire

  • Fire Extinguishers - Theory

  • Fire Extinguishers - Practical (Optional)

Practical use of fire extinguishers on our training simulators is an optional element available to clients.

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